1. No cure no pay

Job Options mediates staff on a no cure no pay basis. This meansthat Job Options will only charge costs for successful placement.

2. Recruitment

Job options applies a mediation fee of 16% taken over the gross annual salary of the relevant candidate, including 8% holiday allowance and fixed emoluments such as a 13th month and the like, excluding B.T.W.

3. GuaranteeJob

Options charges 1 fee per position. Should the candidate, despite the fact that Job Options carefully monitors the selection, terminate it during the probationary period or does not function adequatelyin the probationary period, Job Options starts a new recruitment procedurewithout rechargingcosts for a new / replacement candidate. If it is canceled because of changes within the organization (such as reorganization, job changes) that are separate from the recruitment process or the performance of the candidate, then the guarantee scheme does not apply and the full fee will be paid.

4. Terms of payment

Job Options uses a payment term of 14 days.

5. Exclusivity

Job Options offers the possibility for exclusive or non-exclusive recruitment: Exclusive recruitment With exclusive recruitment, Job Options will start a recruitment campaign whereby the client is named by name. The client will therefore refrain from filling the vacancy independently or via third parties. If during the exclusivity period the client in any way comes into contact with candidates for the outstanding vacancy, the client refers these candidates to Job Options. Job Options will take the candidates in procedure and propose them to suit the client.Non-exclusive recruitment With non-exclusive recruitment, Job Options will start a recruitment campaign using anonymous job profiles. This gives the client the opportunity to approach candidates themselves and / or to call in other agencies. Pay attention to the rules, explained in the next paragraph.

6. Game rules

We sometimes see an overlapin contacts between Job Options and its clients / concierge agencies. It is therefore possible that several parties approach the same candidate for the same job. In that case, the procedure runs through the party that first contacted the candidate.

7. Limitation period

If a candidate is still offered a contract in a period of twelve months after he / she has been in procedure (proposed with name and / or conversation with the client), for the same or another position, Job Options is entitled to this. yet to charge a recruitment & selection fee.