Purpose of collecting your data

Job Options mission is bring together the demand for staff and the talent supply within
the technical world. We build long-term relationships with our candidates as well as with
our clients, so that we get to know you better and better and get a good feeling with
which colleague or job suits you best. We store the data we collect for this in a database
that only Job Options has access to. We believe it is important that these data remain
well protected and ensure that your data is only shared with others after your explicit
consent. If you have questions about your data / privacy through Job Options, you can
always contact us:

Job Options
Amsterdamseweg 220
1182 HM Amstelveen
Phone: 06-15470444
E-mail: carolien@joboptions.eu

How do we collect your data?

Your data can come to us in various ways:

• You visit our website
• You apply for one of our vacancies by using our website
• You send us your information by the contact or open application form
• You mail your data to us or you have contact with us through another channel
• You engage us to recruit for you
• You engage us to actively search for a new function for you

Why do we collect your personal data?

By storing your data in our database, we can help you with a new job or a new colleague.
We use your data for the following purposes:

• Mediation: directly the most important! The more we know about what you are looking
for, the better we can assess whether a job / candidate fits or not.
• Communication: so that we can contact you if we see a nice opportunity for you or
want to share other interesting things with you.
• Agreement for clients applies that we must keep (financial / invoicing) data in order to
be able to execute the agreement.

What data do we collect?

Exactly what information we receive and collect varies every target group. Check below
which data we save from you!

• Website visitor: only the information that you enter by a (contact or application form)
and necessary cookie and similar (mostly anonymous) data.
• Candidate: Name and address details, contact details, age, gender, resume and
information about your career development, passport photo (if it has been imported from
your CV or LinkedIn profile), wishes and ambitions, other data that are important for
mediation such as references.
• Business relationship: name, gender, contact details, function.

Who do we share your personal information with?
We never share your data with third parties without your explicit consent, not even with
clients. If you are in procedure for an open position, we can discuss your details with the
relevant company after you have given permission for this.
In addition, Job Options can pass on your details to suppliers who provide services on
behalf of Job Options or to (government) authorities if we are obliged to do so. The
provision of your data only takes place with a legitimate interest, legal obligation and / or
to execute the agreement in accordance with the goals (see "why do we collect your
personal data?").

Do you want to change, view or delete your data?

Which can! The AVG states that everyone has the right to view or change his / her data.
Send an email to: carolien@joboptions.eu!

Who processes your data?

Our website is hosted by AGCS in Amsterdam. Our CRM system is hosted by Hostnet.
These parties are responsible for the processing of your data and can access your
personal data if this is necessary ( in case of a technical problem). We have concluded a
processor agreement with both parties to guarantee your privacy as well as possible.

How do we keep your data safe?

We think it is important that your personal data does not end up on the street, so we use
encryption (SSL) and manual security procedures. You can check yourself if our SSL
encryption is activated, check the lock at the top of your browser and see if the URL
starts with https

Do you have questions and / or comments?

Our Privacy Statement can be changed unilaterally by Job Options, these changes can be
found on our website. If you have questions about this Privacy Statement or the security
of your data in particular, send us an email at carolien@joboptions.eu We will get back to
you as soon as possible!

Cookies and Google Analytics

On the Job Options website we use cookies: a small file that is sent with pages from our
website and stored on your computer. The information in this file can be sent back to our
servers on a subsequent visit to facilitate your visit to our website. Job Options uses the
following cookies: functional and technical cookies, cookies from Google Analytics and
cookies from third parties (think of Instagram if you go there via our website). These
cookies are not dangerous for your computer and do not contain any personal data.