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post-Fastest growing tech hub

Fastest growing tech hub

An open culture. Europe’s fastest mobile and broadband speeds. Affordable living. Terrific tech talent. No wonder Amsterdam (the Netherlands?) is overtaking Silicon Valley as the world’s most attractive tech company destination.

post-Help with relocation

Help with relocation

As specialists in international placements, we’re here to help you navigate your way through all you’ll need to get started in your new job and settled in your new town.

post-Balance work life

Balance work life

Respect in the Netherlands is obtained through what you achieve, not hours spent in the office. For hard workers there is no shortage of opportunity. But 80 hour work weeks are more likely to prompt skepticism than praise.

post-Expat community

Expat community

As of April 2018, people from 176 nationalities live in Amsterdam, 190 in Holland. No matter where you’re coming from, you’ll be in familiar company.

post-English fluency

English fluency

The Dutch are not only good at speaking English. Most of them enjoy speaking English. And because most tech companies employ international teams, you’re more likely to hear English than Dutch spoken in meetings and the corridors.

post-Culture shock

Culture shock

With its tolerance, openness and willingness to experiment with new approaches, Holland has always been a magnet for younger people. But for those from a conservative culture, the lack of respect here for authority and convention can take some getting used to.


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